4th Way of Thinking

The 4th Way of Thinking in our book is “Understands collaboration must have a business purpose.”  We often hear the statement that managers should “manage by walking around.”  Our clearer version of this suggestion is to manage by walking around with something to say.  We believe that collaboration should be pragmatic and that leaders should have a specific business purpose for collaborating with others and building relationships.  This is hard work, for sometimes discussions begin with disagreement or conflict, and it takes effort to turn conflict into collaboration.  A key behavior related to this way of thinking is active, deep listening – listening to understand and appreciate the other’s point of view in order to work successfully together to achieve results.


What is Collaboration with a Purpose?
Communication is sharing information.
Cooperation is sharing an attitude.
Coordination is sharing responsibilities.
Collaboration is sharing a common purpose….
To solve a problem;
To accomplish something;
To reach better decisions and to execute them better;
Results are the reason to collaborate.
When we speak of Collaborative Leadership… the operative word is Leadership.


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