How is Leadership in Balance different?

Leadership in Balance is different, relevant, rings true and adds something of value to the conversation about leadership…it speaks to those charged with more responsibility than authority…and I’d say that’s all of us.

leadershipinbalanceHow is Leadership in Balance different?

What is a Leader in Balance?

An Integrated Person: Head↔ Heart ↔Hand The Head (Critical Thinker – Reflective Strategist) The Heart (Inner Feelings -Moral & Ethical – Builder of Trust) Working Together in a Reflective Way to Inform and Animate The Hand (Collaborative Sharer of Power & Authority to Encourage Innovation).

leadershipinbalanceWhat is a Leader in Balance?

Who is a Leader in Balance?

Leaders in balance share 8 Ways of Thinking that pave the way to (inform and animate) their behavior. A leader in balance approaches leadership as a relationship, embodies the brand promise, sets the tone and is motivated by a higher purpose. A leader in balance collaborates to accomplish a shared purpose, spreads power, authority and responsibility, leverages leading by teaching, … Read More

leadershipinbalanceWho is a Leader in Balance?

8th Way of Thinking

In our 8th Way of Thinking the leader believes that the challenge of leading change in not about leadership in control, but leadership in balance. And so this leader demonstrates strong self-awareness. This leader is balanced in thought and action, mindful and intentional, centered, intuitive and clear minded in response to external pressures.  This leader is comfortable with ambiguity and … Read More

leadershipinbalance8th Way of Thinking

7th Way of Thinking

The 7th Way of Thinking the leader understands that at the center of collaboration is a personal comfort with valuing the diversity of people, ideas and ways of thinking. This requires a level of cultural competence and a true, personal belief that diversity is an enormously strengthening factor. This leaders allows people to learn, grow and trust by spending time … Read More

leadershipinbalance7th Way of Thinking