The First Way of Thinking

In our previous Blogs, we’ve indicated that we believe leaders are built from the inside out and that their ways of thinking set the stage for how they will perform as leaders.  In this entry, we want to introduce the first way of thinking, which is:  A leader in balance approaches leadership as a relationship, not a position.  By this we mean that … Read More

leadershipinbalanceThe First Way of Thinking

Why the emphasis on the way a leader thinks?

The way a leader thinks….what a leader sees and understands….how the leader interprets the meaning of a situation to their organization….gives rise and paves the way for the conversations, the strategies and actions taken by the leader. Leadership in Balance is different, rings true and adds something of value to the conversation about leadership. -John

leadershipinbalanceWhy the emphasis on the way a leader thinks?

Leadership in Balance: New Habits of the Mind

In our book, Leadership in Balance:  New Habits of the Mind, John Kucia and I propose the premise that leaders are built from the inside out.  Based on this premise, we foster the notion that the way leaders think is very important – more so than their style or personality.  In our Blog, we will explore the Eight Ways of Thinking we found as … Read More

leadershipinbalanceLeadership in Balance: New Habits of the Mind